Stefan & Caroline: 1.01 vs Season 5

3.19 // 5.17


Ian Somerhalder at the2014 Fan Expo Toronto // 8/31/2014 (x)

"Not just for this Damon, for everything. I don’t know what I’d do if you weren’t here.”

#the way her chest raises after she tells him that she needs him there #to keep her calm and sane #everyone has left her; by death or by choice #how she lock eyes with him #and in that moment no one else is there #everything went wrong that day and they got relief looking at each other #her friends don’t understand her #but Damon does #and in that very moment she felt understood #no one else would have done what she needed to be done to Jeremy #but she knew Damon would do anything for her #when she says this to him she starts to feel everything #she has a slight smile when she sees his reaction to her words #because she knows she has just made his day by saying this to him #and he has made hers by protecting her brother #the day ended with them coming together #when everything else was falling apart


Ian Somerhalder at Fan Expo 2014 // Toronto (August 31, 2014)

            Honor your partner. Stay focus, right hand around. Flirt with your eyes.
There’s no touching during this part. It’s about the simple intimacy of the near touch.

You should at least give me two points for ingenuity.



Paul Wesley and Phoebe Tonkin at 2014 US Opening Sightings

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